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Drywall repair in Calgary requires a sophisticated, detailed approach. It’s about restoring your damaged drywall to a perfect finish while elevating your property’s visual appeal and safety. To achieve that ultimate result, you need a professional with expertise, knowledge and a keen eye for details and artistry – you need Artista Drywall. As Calgary’s premier drywall repair experts, we approach each repair project with care and precision, delivering a high-quality service that restores your property to its finest status. 

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Ceiling Repairs
Whether from impacts, water damage, or wear and tear, we have extensive experience repairing all types of ceiling damage, leaving a smooth surface for repainting or texturing.
Water/Moisture Damage
Water leaks can quickly damage your drywall, so it is vital to get them repaired when you notice the first spots. We provide quick and long-lasting solutions.
Crack & Holes Filling
Direct impacts usually cause drywall cracks and holes. We can improve the appearance and functionality of your drywall by filling any cracks or holes.
Drywall patching is a cost-effective way to repair your drywall surface. You’ll instantly improve its look and safety while protecting it against further damage.
Nail Pop Popped Screws
Water damage or poor installation from previous contractors can result in nails popping through the drywall. We can restore the appearance of your drywall with our repairs.
Aesthetic Repairs & Upgrades
Elevate the quality and beauty of your wall by repairing or upgrading its style or texture. We can assist with texturing and popcorn ceiling removal in Calgary.
New/Relocating Walls
Create a new space for your property by allowing us to relocate and recreate your drywall. We’ll create a functional and aesthetically appealing space based on your needs.
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Signs You Need Drywall Repair

Wet and leaky areas, mould spots in the wall, and cracks and holes are key signs that you require urgent drywall repair. You may also notice that your drywall is discoloured (due to water) and that it “tears off” when removing items from it, such as tiles, wallpaper, or mirrors. Acting quickly and getting immediate repairs can save your walls, increase their lifespan and reduce extensive costs while avoiding the time, hassle and cost of replacing your entire wall. Significantly, you’ll make your home or office a safer place for everyone. As industry experts, our process for repairing drywall guarantees the perfect result.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to repair your drywall, restoring the prestige and value of your home or office. At Artista Drywall, we’ve seen every repair imaginable, and each time, we’ve restored it to its best condition. By using the highest quality materials, proper preparation, quality control and cleaning up after ourselves, we do everything right the first time, guaranteeing a high-level repair service that exceeds your expectations.


Yes, it can be very unsafe. Wet drywall is a dangerous breeding ground for mould and mildew and can harbour potentially hazardous strains and bacteria. If you suspect that you have extensive water damage, it’s best to contact us immediately.

Indeed, it can. Wet walls and insulation will hold moisture for a long time, resulting in mould developing between the drywall and the insulation barrier, making it unsafe for your family, tenants and employees. As experienced and detailed-focused insulation contractors in Calgary, we can repair both your drywall and insulation in a timely and effective manner.

It ultimately depends on the extent of the damage and your drywall’s conditions. In some cases, it might be financially beneficial to replace your whole drywall; in others, repairs can sustain it. Unlike other drywall repair companies in Calgary, we’ll happily explain the best course of action for your project, so you get the result you want. 

It depends on the extent of the damage, the size of the repair, and any additional work required. We can provide you with a quote when you call us.

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