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No drywall installation is complete without top-tier mudding and taping. At Artista Drywall, we can finish any drywall installation project and prepare it for the next step in your home upgrade with our high-quality mudding and taping service. Our detailed and thorough process will result in your walls being completely smooth, flat and ready for painting or texturing. Get the beautiful finish you want with our mudding and taping in Calgary

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Applying tape helps bond together the sheets of drywall, creating a smooth finish while reducing cracking. After installation, our experts will apply the mudding compound, smoothing it out across the drywall to be flat and even. Our artistic flair means we’ll prepare your drywall for the next stage of your upgrade.
Apply Finish Coats to
Prepare Drywall for Paint
"Mudding" refers to the joint drywall compound used to strengthen and smooth the drywall and its joints. We apply the mudding compound in multiple coats to ensure the joints are perfectly flat. Once layered, we’ll sand and prime for the new paint or texture.
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Applying taping and mudding to newly installed drywall can be a difficult DIY project. Many homeowners apply too much or an uneven amount of mud, resulting in a bumpy surface, while others improperly tape the drywall together, causing a break or crack to appear. The process can also be messy and dirty, requiring extensive clean-ups. Most significantly, the poor installation of the drywall and the mudding and taping means that homeowners spend more on repairs and replacement in the future. With Artista Drywall, these situations will never occur as we guarantee a high-quality mudding and taping finish.

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From removing popcorn ceilings to strengthening your drywall, Artista Drywall is committed to priming and readying your project for your unique interior design features. To uphold our high standards in the industry, we only use the highest-grade materials, administer proper preparation and quality control while cleaning up post-project, ensuring that results are as you expect them: perfect. 


The process of taping your drywall involves bonding together the adjacent sheets of drywall – with a strong adhesive tape – to ensure that it holds together. Doing this properly ensures fewer chances of breaks, separations and cracks in the future.

Mudding refers to the process of applying a mud compound to the drywall joints. Doing this strengthens and smoothes drywall and its joints, “glueing” all the pieces together, and creating a perfectly flat wall. There are many types of finishing compounds used for drywall. Our experts are familiar with all of them and can do it all for you.

As industry-leading commercial drywall contractors in Calgary, we can assist businesses of all types with their drywall projects. We elevate the status, quality and value of your commercial establishment with our high-quality services.

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