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Enhance the comfortability and atmosphere of your home while reducing costly energy bills with Artista Drywall. As the finest insulation contractors in Calgary, we can install and repair insulation and vapour barriers, significantly increasing your home’s weatherproofing. Whether you are renovating your home, seeking to improve your energy efficiency or adding new drywall, you can experience the benefits that come with high-work insulation installation with our experts. 

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Vapour Barrier
A plastic film that is applied over the insulation to prevent water and moisture from getting into the wall, vapour barriers are essential for securing your home’s insulation. We offer the highest standard of vapour barriers for our clients.
Batting Insulation
Commonly known as “Batt and Roll” or “Blanket”, batting insulation is generally made of fiberglass and is considered easy to install while stopping all airflow. We can elevate your home’s insulation with this popular option.
Spray Foam
Also known as SPF (spray-on polyurethane foam), this type of insulation foam expands to fill gaps, forming a tightly sealed barrier. It virtually eliminates air infiltration and offers the highest R-value available - making it the top choice for homeowners.
Blown in
Blown-in insulation refers to blowing or spraying insulation materials between the drywall, ceilings or attic. It can be made with fibreglass or cellulose and is recognized for being fire-resistant while providing a high R-value.
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Insulating your home is considered a “green” option as you are limiting your energy consumption while making a positive impact on the environment. Proper insulation systems, such as those offered by Artista, can improve your home’s energy efficiency since they keep it consistently warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Not only are you reducing energy consumption, but you’ll save money on energy bills, add a sound barrier between rooms, create a comfortable, healthy environment and increase your home’s value. Experience these wonderful advantages by letting Artista Drywall improve your insulation.

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With Alberta’s extreme weather changes, having a fully functional insulation system is vital. Therefore, it is essential to know when to replace it. Condensation, excessive moisture, uneven energy bills and a ‘drafty’ home are the key signs that you need repairs or replacement. At the same time, water damage, punctured drywall and mould growth can be the causes. As a fully-serviced Calgary insulation company, Artista Drywall can restore and improve your home’s comfortability and value with pristine drywall repairsmudding and taping, and insulation installation. 


While each insulation system has very different components, all offer advantages and disadvantages for your home. We can explain the pros and cons of each, so know the right choice for you.

R-value is a system that measures an insulation product’s resistance to airflow. The higher the R-value it has, the greater the insulation’s effectiveness and power. As a homeowner, you should always be aiming to get the highest possible R-value, as it will improve your home’s insulation and airflow. It should also be noted that insulation R-values can increase when used with other building components such as drywall.

Very important! Vapour barriers help prevent moisture and water damage, increase energy efficiency and even lower the risk of mould and bacteria-related health issues. They are vitally important for your home, which is why we make them part of our drywall services.

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