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With Artista Drywall’s popcorn ceiling removal in Calgary, you’ll get the opportunity to update your home with a fresh modern look while enhancing its quality and value. Our expertise, delicate approach and keen eyes for details mean we can effectively remove all popcorn textures, resulting in you having a silky, smooth surface – ready to be restyled in your own unique way. From diverse textures to fresh paints, experience a modern upgrade with our drywall experts. 

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Scrape and Repair
Removing popcorn ceilings requires a delicate touch and an eye for precision. We use a scraper or putty knife to scrape off the textures from the ceiling, creating a smooth surface. If there are extensive damages, loose screws, tapes, or nails, we can administer repairs so that your ceiling is restored.
Prepare Ceiling for Paint
After removing all the popcorn texture, we’ll prepare the ceiling for a new layer of paint or texture by ensuring it is even and flat. The process might involve sanding, a skim coat, a coat of primer and mudding and taping. We’ll explain the process depending on the status of your ceiling.
New Texture
Our passion for artistry and design means we can paint and texture your ceiling in unique ways to update your home’s style and atmosphere. We can create several types of new textures for your home, including skip trowel, knockdown, swirled or orange peel. Your home will be refreshed after our work.
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Having a smooth ceiling surface adds more natural light to your living space, allows you to improve your property’s visual appeal with unique textured finishes, and significantly increases the value of your property. The flat surface also does not trap allergens or dust, making it safer for the family. You’ll also save time and money on popcorn ceiling repairs in Calgary, as these ceilings typically discolour and disintegrate over time. You can now enjoy these several key benefits with Artista Drywall. Our detailed popcorn ceiling removal approach guarantees a clean slate for your home.

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As the premier drywall contractors in Calgary, our team draws on years of experience and high-quality ceiling finishes to give your home the update it needs. We maintain a clean and organized workspace throughout the entire process, leaving your home in immaculate condition and ready for the next step in your upgrade. Our passion for artistry means we’re always thinking of new ideas, fresh styles, and innovative concepts that can upgrade your home’s unique decor. Modernize your home with our popcorn removal service. 


There are a few health risks involved with popcorn ceilings, most notable that it collects dust and allergens. There have also been reports of popcorn ceilings containing asbestos, particularly if it was built in the 1970s. This can cause serious health issues if you disturb the particles. If you suspect that is the case, please get in touch with our contractors immediately.

While not overly difficult as a DIY project, there are situations where scraping too hard or unevenly can result in the surface being damaged, requiring extensive repair work. It’s best to let our experts help you with the removal.

It depends on how much popcorn we have to remove and how you would like the textured finish to be. We can provide you with an over-the-phone quote when you contact us. 

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